Staying Safe in the Big World

To a sex worker our safety and income are two of the biggest concerns in our careers because of our work we are always being targeted by people who don’t see eye to eye with you about your lifestyle and career. As a sex worker you are 100% entitled to your own safety whether anyone thinks so or not, you are entitled to your rights as a human being even when someone tries so hard to dehumanize you. Sex workers are harassed on a daily basis online or offline, people feel as if they are entitled to sex workers simply because of their job, or feel as if they need to degrade and even try to hurt us which are all extremely disturbing and wrong. Online sex work, such as web-camming for an example, can be much safer than offline sex work, such as stripping at a club in the city you live in or even a few cities over, however they both come with different forms of harassment and most of the things told to us are just as mentally damaging as the other. While behind your keyboard you can lie about what area you’re from, who you know, where you work if you work a 9-5, and much more if you really don’t want anyone knowing anything about you, which is the smartest thing to do with your customers. When you work offline at a club, you are very exposed to much more people and they get to see you face to face. It’s not always the case that they want to harm you or harass you with every customer you meet, but we should all be very aware of the types of people who try to harm us because of our jobs. Customers are supposed to be supportive and nice to you no matter what you do or who you are, if customers are ever hurtful or evil towards you, you are not obligated to keep talking to that person just because they are trying to pay you.

We face a big world full of wild things that exist like human trafficking, sexual assault, abuse, and even murder because of these hate-fueled people who have developed an unnecessary and unhealthy obsession with having harmful thoughts about all sex workers no matter who we are or how well we are loved by others. These types of people can even be people you’d never expect, not just the people who seem to be scary on the outside. Even women can harm you, which you’d probably think you’d expect the least. Being cautious and protecting yourself is SO important as a sex worker, male or female, you need to be carrying something you can use to protect yourself from the people in the world you’d never think to meet. You should always be watching your drinks and noting a few features about people you seem sketched out by so if they are disturbing the peace in your club you can explain to management or anyone else what someone looked like. It may seem tempting to go home with customers for large sums of money, but it’s always much safer for you to stay at work and hustle and go straight home afterwards to insure you’ll be 100% okay. Also when going back to your home, if you notice anyone following you home from work don’t approach their car or go to your house if you can clearly tell they’re following you, visit a well lit 24/7 gas station and call for help without exiting your vehicle. Stay calm, cool, and collected in any situation you are in, you can be more in control than you think in these situations.

Here are a few things we find affordable, valuable or helpful for you to carry everyday to help defend yourself against someone trying to attack you, no matter if you are a sex worker or not you may want to read up o some of these just in case you want to feel a little extra safe everyday:

Pepper Spray: Pepper spray is very common with women in general. It’s a temporary, but irritating spray you can use on someone before they can be within arms reach of you which will give you time to escape and contact either the police, or someone you know is near you or will get to you quick plus fits right on your keychain. Your attacker will be blinded for anywhere from 15-30 minutes and their skin will continue to burn for even longer after that. It is LEGAL to carry pepper spray in ALL states in the U.S. but some states will have rules about the strength of pepper spray you can use on someone. This pepper spray in particular is under $10 on Amazon and comes with training instructions too:

Stun Gun: Depending on where you live you may be able to carry a stun gun with you, a stun gun is a little more intense than pepper spray so because of that, one may be better than the other for different people. How a stun gun works is once pressed to your attacker, when you press the button, it will send an electric shock through their body and it can immobilize your attacker. This isn’t a good weapon to use against someone in a regular fight so we suggest you ONLY use this tool for a serious situation where you really need someone to be on the ground unable to hurt you. You DO NOT need a permit to carry a stun gun, but in these tates that you MAY NOT carry and use a stun gun: Hawaii, New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. If you live in any of these states, we recommend you carry pepper spray to be safe in the eyes of law enforcement. A stun gun can be a little loud, and it may be a little unnerving to use at first, if you can’t get used to the sound of it we also recommend you use pepper spray! Here is a stun gun on Amazon for $11:

Tactical Pen: While this small, yet handy tool is one of the hardest weapons to recognize it is extremely handy because of it’s small size that allows you to hide it comfortably inside even your smallest purses, clutches, or wallets. This weapon as well as the others is non-lethal, but is legal everywhere you go. Tactical pens may be tricky to use to it would be wise to watch a few videos on youtube on how to use one properly in case of an emergency. These pens have two sides to them; most commonly they have onside being a ‘skull crusher’ which is a pointed end designed for jabbing an attacker to let go of you, while the other side is usually another pointed end that is designed for breaking car windows. Tactical pens in this case will also be handy for any time you need a window broken, such as being in a car accident. You can find this pen on Amazon for $13:

Of course we weren’t going to leave you empty handed either, let’s say you’re caught in a situation where you don’t have any of your weapons with you. Seems scary, but it doesn’t have to be! You’ll need to know some basic self-defense skills to help you in any situation so here are three youtube videos for you to watch to get you started:

5 Self-Defense Moves Every Woman Should Know:

Women’s Self Defense: Level 1:

Awareness and Self-Defense Training for Women and Teen Girls:

You can even join a local class on self defense in your area and learn hands on training with other women to help you get prepared for anything that may happen. Self defense classes can be fun for you and they will help you build defensive habits to keep you in control.

Some key notes to remember everyday:

Keep eyes on your drinks
Don’t feel comfortable with strangers
Always be aware of your surroundings
Remember to stay calm

Twerkgod wants you to have fun while you are working. Sex work can be fun and rewarding when you know exactly what’s going on, so get yourself ready to have fun all the time and feel good about knowing you are safe. We love and care for ALL sex workers and we would love to see you succeed and grow, we created Stripper Tech to encourage and promote safe sex work and female entrepreneurs! Have fun, and stack bread. We are supporting you!

The Athena Rayne Interview

T: Wassup, I’m speaking with Athena Rayne , is there any way you would like to introduce yourself to new viewers ?

A: Hi guys! Just a random girl on another adventure here! How ya doin today?

T: I’m doing ok, uninstalling a toilet to be honest.

A: ðŸ˜‚😂😂 alright. I’m eating a sandwich. Man I love tomatoes,But maybe we should save the dirty talk for later 😂 

T: Lol , I mean yeah I like to gradually go into the dirty stuff or just sporadically drop a dirty question in there , which would you prefer?

A: I feel like it depends on the situation. Some guys you’re just ready to rip clothes off then and there and others you know would be fun to seduce.

T: Ok tell me about an experience where you had to just rip a mans clothes off.

A: Alright so I was out with a few friends just hanging out at this festival; kinda a small thing so the bands were all lesser known. Anyway so we’re chillin and I’m just eyeballing the drummer. And idk why people never want the drummer… I mean rhythm is everything. Anyways so I told her I was gonna fuck him tonight and after the show I invited him to my place. We did indeed have a crazy night after that 👅

T: Ok , not on the opposite spectrum there’s seduction? Can you share a seduction story with us?

A: My current partner lol. First time we ever slept together we were in a roommate situation. He walks out constantly shirtless and has these gorgeous blue eyes. I ask him if he wants to watch a movie(because Netflix and chill is a thing lol) and the entire time I’m just touching him in every way I can while checking to make sure he’s cool with it. Clearly he doesn’t stop me so I start making my way down to his pants and whisper in his ear “you know you’re in my bed. But I don’t really care about this movie.” And literally within seconds his dick is in my mouth. We fucked the entire night… and he missed work the next day to go again😂

T: Intense, I feel like the 2nd situation made the sex better, I’m in a relationship and also in this industry how does it work for you ?

A: Yeah, I prefer it that way tbh. I feel like the industry has actually helped my relationship in multiple ways We are more open sexually and get to experience things most don’t get till their 40s. We both are less stressed about time and money and are able to coordinate schedules around each other . There’s also a huge amount of honesty; meaning that as long as we both tell the truth and communicate we tend to be happy He’s gotten questions from his parents but the answer is always the same “she’s safe and I’m the one she comes home to at the end of the day, and that’s all that matters to me”.

T: Can you share with us? In what ways?

A: Higher trust, more time together, more funds and freedom, better sex life, safe fantasy zone, and just overall a greater respect for each other.

T: That’s dope! I’m proud to hear that, but let’s get to the dirty. How did you get started in the industry?

A: Well I started camming about. a year and a half ago. There were a couple issues and I actually ended up homeless. But I refused to give up. I was camming out of a Starbucks bathroom for months and hopping tinder dates to keep myself off the streets while I could save. I met my partner in what was my first roomie situation after. After we ended up together I started talking to him about porn. I had always kind of wanted to do it and I wanted a new adventure. Clearly he was on board. Within a month I ended up doing my first scene with reality kings(handcuffed, just released on mofos) From the second I got on set… I was hooked. I’ve been performing ever since.

T: I actually didn’t expect to hear this story it’s very interesting , so you cammed at Starbucks? Please share more.

A: Well sometimes it would be in the lounge if they weren’t busy but most of the time they were full on shows in the bathroom 😊. Back then I didn’t make a lot since I just used the laptop camera and had like one set of underwear to my name. Hence why I just dated random guys. I ended up finding a few that liked to see me multiple times and often didn’t even ask to sleep with me, guess they just found me interesting. I only allowed myself to eat once a day if I had to pay for it and the rest went towards my phone bill and towards my future. My feet were often blistered from not having tread on my shoes and I was often dirty; but I never let anything stand in the way of what I want.

Back then my screen name was Fyre. As soon as I got my apartment; everything changed. I had my hair professionally cut and bought actual equipment. I started actually using twitter and other platforms. And the biggest change was my name; I wanted one I chose myself that represented the strength I knew I had inside me. And so; Athena Rayne lol.

T: So let’s go deep into your future. Where you see yourself and where you’re going?

A: I don’t really have an ultimate end goal. I have found a home in the industry and don’t really plan on leaving. Ultimately I would love to own my own studio. I would also love to start a charity for ALL women, especially women in need without the bias or danger that comes from being a sex worker or LGBT career wise; my goal is to become a favorite performer not only in my scenes but In the way I interact with my fans and other girls. Hopefully by seeing a girl treat others as friends rather than competition can have a positive effect on us all.

T: Great interview : this is inspiring tbh.

A: Thank you lol. I’ve always believed that if you want something bad enough you will work to get where you wanna be. I don’t like seeing cockiness or arrogance because I know that anyone could be one bad day away from losing it all. Hard work and no excuses plus a little kindness makes the world a better place ☺️

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10 Fashion Trends We Wish Didn’t Happen

By Julius Williams

   Most of us know that the world of fashion is constantly changing and evolving, but what some of us fail to realize is that this makes the concept of trial-and-error a necessity in the process of its evolution. Trends come and go over the years. While some are considered ground-breaking and inspirational, there are others that the world would’ve been better off without. In this list, I’ll delve into a few trends that we used to adore, and explain why we were delusional in following them.


  10. Brightly Colored Skinny Jeans

    This fashion staple, once donned exclusively by the weird white kids in school with the Skelanimals backpacks, was quickly popularized following the dawn of The Jerking Era in 2009. In this time, hip-hop artists like New Boyz had everyone, (myself included), asking their moms to buy them a bright red or worse yet, purple pair of skinnies. Retailers like Spencers and Zumiez quickly became the go-tos for all of our fluorescent fashion needs. Everyone rushed to get their hands on the color that nobody else had, until everybody had all of the outlandish colors and we realized how much we looked like walking Pixie Sticks. To this day, I regret wearing purple skinny jeans in public, and will slap anybody that reminds me of those dark days.



9. Studded Leather Belts

Related image

   This was around the same time as the colorful skinnies, and equally as disastrous. The only difference? We knew they were annoying. Everyone who owned one of these belts has experienced the pain of unexpectedly stepping on one of the studs, (they fell out OFTEN). The materials used to make the belts were usually low-quality, so the belts would fall apart after only a few wears. But did that stop us from going out in our half-degraded belts and looking like idiots? Not at all. I remember my mom had to take mine from me because she was tired of finding the studs all over the house. Back then I thought she was hating, but now I see how that could be frustrating. (She was still being a hater though).


8. Snapbacks

Image result for tyga wearing a snapback

   This is probably the one that I was the MOST invested in. I never really liked sports, but I’d be damned if I let that stop me from owning at least one snapback for every sports team. Some of the go-to brands for snapbacks were New Era, Mitchell & Ness and Tisa. Long before the #NoCap wave, you were seen as a lame if your fit was missing its most vital piece. Even if you didn’t want to wear it on your head, there was no excuse when Chris Brown made it cool to wear them on your belt loops. Some even went as far as wearing a snapback on their head, and one on every belt loop! I have to give credit for this trend to artists like Big Sean and Tyga. While they were iconic for trending them at the time, let’s be real: anything directly attached to Tyga is blackballed.


  7. HUF Socks

Image result for huf socks

   I can’t tell you how many times I got sent to detention for wearing socks with bright purple marijuana leaves on them, or how many times I got out of detention by telling teachers they were stars. The image of the “stoner” was widely accepted as the “cool” thing to be, mostly due to artists like Wiz Khalifa who rapped almost solely about weed. Not only did this make our parents come to hate rap music, but it also put a big, bright “I DO DRUGS” sign on our foreheads. The sad part is, some of us didn’t even smoke weed, and just wanted to look like our favorite rapper. From an adult’s point of view, advocation of drug abuse made you just as guilty as the kids skipping school to roll up, so that didn’t do anybody any good.


  6. Silly Bands

Image result for silly bands

   This innovative idea quickly took a dark turn when tweens everywhere became addicted to what were widely known as “silly bands”. The idea itself was actually quite simple: a rubber band, but it was a crazy shape and color. Harmless, right? Absolutely not. When kids realized how much fun it was to collect, trade and show off silly bands, no one could have just one. Soon, everyone had armfuls of the things, cutting off much-needed blood circulation and advertising our inability to accessorize. It’s also worth mentioning that they were a terrible distraction in the school setting, as kids would often flick them around and show them off in class. I’ll never forget when Ms. Jones confiscated my silly band collection, (which went up to my elbows), but in the end, I’m glad she did. I like my rubber bands how I like my movies: straight to the point.


  5. Candy Wrapper Hair-Bows

Image result for candy wrapper hair bows

   I never quite understood the appeal in “fashioning”, (see what I did there?), used candy wrappers into accessories, but that doesn’t mean thousands of girls didn’t. I shit you not, people actually did this. I remember my little sister asking me to turn her M&Ms bag into a hair bow and the look on my face when I realized she was serious. It’s not like it was ALL bad, though. After all, this trend was cheap, easy to do, and left your hair smelling like your favorite candy. It almost seems like a good idea if you can overlook the fact that you’re wearing literal trash.



4. Fishnet Leggings

Image result for fishnet tights in school

Do you want to know the one thing that’s worse than leggings with a hole in them? Leggings with hundreds of holes in them. When I try to picture these being pitched at a board meeting, the only reason I can think of that these were actually approved is that they saved manufacturers a ton on the cost of fabric. This god-awful trend was the bane of fathers across the nation. Apparently, nobody wanted their 16-year-old daughters walking around looking like Grand Theft Auto prostitutes.


  3. Oversized Tees

Image result for crank that soulja boy outfit

   Thanks, Soulja Boy. You know the feeling when you’re picking out an outfit, and you find the perfect top, but can’t find a suitable bottom? No worries, you can just wear a shirt that covers the top AND bottom. I’m almost certain that this trend caused Gildan’s sales for 5XL shirts to skyrocket like never before.The funniest part wasn’t the fact that the shirt almost touched the ground, or even the oversized denim shorts that usually accompanied them, but the fact that people still managed to sag their pants below the shirts. Luckily, it came and it went, but I think we’d be better off if it never came in the first place.



2. Sagging

Related image

   Words can’t even begin to illustrate my utter disdain for sagging. Since I was a kid, everyone around me made a point of showing off their skid mark-riddled boxers to the world. I’m sure we’ve all heard how the trend originally started, (if you haven’t, do some research). The part that vexes me is why young men thought this was cool or attractive in any way. There’s a reason belts were invented, and that’s not so we can spend $300 on one only to still sag our pants. This is really a bad idea no matter how you look at it. After all, how do you expect to be able to outrun the police when your pants are around your ankles?


  1. Bootcut Jeans

Image result for bootcut jeans jordan

    …..Need I say more?

The Sommer Isabella Interview

Photography by Dwight Smart : (Click Here for Twitter and Instagram)

All material posted cam straight from @evanthetwerkgod ‘s DM

TWERKGOD: Can we start by talking about some of the wild things you say online? I actually somewhat “respect it”

SOMMER: Give me an example 🙂

T: LMFAO, ” I think it was one asking for someone to pee inside your butthole i think for a video” too graphic.

S: Lol no! Never too graphic. I’m an open book and I try to keep my Twitter as authentic and fun as possible. Believe it or not, there’s a ton of people with pee fetishes LOL. Now that I’m starting my porn career I’m trying to be more open sexually. At the end of the day I still look at porn as a job, and I know there is a lot of money when it comes to being Peed on LOL

T: See and thats what I thought when I read it, I have really just started this career choice diving off playing the music game, when did you know you were putting all your chips in and pursuing a career in porn?

S: I web cammed for a bit last year from money on the side. In my personal life I would post super promiscuous pictures anyway on my Instagram, and my family would always talk shit about it. But I’ve always been very sexy and loved showing off my curves and everything, so I figured, why not do it for money? Actually, I danced for a little bit last year in the beginning of the year. So this industry isn’t too new for me. I didn’t expect to blowup the way did, but I’m super grateful for the people I’ve met so far in this industry that have helped me get where I’m at now.

T: Yeah, i have seen a lot of your content retweeted and a hype being built, a couple of BJ Vids have gone viral as well, do you set out to create content or is it in the moment with whoever you are with?

S: Would have to say, my most recent car BJ video. It was super intimate. My boyfriend and I went into the mountains and it started raining while I was sucking him. Super romantic. lol

T: As far as the business side of your work what are your greatest accomplishments?

S: Who is your gf btw? if u don’t mind me asking lol

T: @AngelOceana

S: OHHH I love her! ahhh. I’ve seen your dick lolololpo

T: Yeah that’s how I even knew who you are lol and That doesn’t bother me.

S: Aw I love her. So far I would say my greatest accomplishment business wise would be building my fan base.

T: Its a constantly growing fan base, are strictly eating off born?

S: Huh?

T: Are you strictly living of porn money?

S: No

T: What are new goals you have set for yourself ?

S: No new goals.

T: Whelp you got it all figures out. Anything you have been wanting share or bring light to ?

S: Not really. I’d definitely love to use my platform to show my fans who I am outside of porn.

T: See dude, I sense that and want to use my platform to exploit sex workers in the light of being like everyone else.

S: Exactly

T: See we can make this interview boring as fuck and ppl just scroll pass or this can get juicy. Like tbh you are one of the finest brown skin up and coming sex workers.

S: Lets get it Juicy lol. Theres not many black sex workers that are recognized!

T: Exactly. Like why are all sex workers agreeing to do interviews. Why have we shamed the black naked body? When did you first start being comfortable being naked? Fuck it, length or girth.

S: I don’t know. At a young age I believe. Probably around 15/16. I was skinny had a cute little figure nice butt. I was always super confident. I did have body issues because I did gain a couple pounds last year and they didn’t go to the right places LOL. But that’s when I was taking a break anyways from the adult industry. Now I feel like I’m in my best shape and I’m ready for the world to see that! & I don’t know to be honest I’m not too picky about penis sizes. I’m super small inside so a huge penis is an ideal for me LOL anything that’s like 7 inches or so is fine. I would like girth instead though. Long skinny penises are not for me.

T: Any g/g encounters you have to share?  What do you find attractive in men?

S: Ugh none yet! I’m such a newbie in bed! Lol I have a lot to learn! I want someone who is kind, intelligent, witty, non-reserved, and respectful.

T: Bet , last question: What is your biggest fantasy?

S:Lol true happiness!

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