The Athena Rayne Interview

T: Wassup, I’m speaking with Athena Rayne , is there any way you would like to introduce yourself to new viewers ?

A: Hi guys! Just a random girl on another adventure here! How ya doin today?

T: I’m doing ok, uninstalling a toilet to be honest.

A: ðŸ˜‚😂😂 alright. I’m eating a sandwich. Man I love tomatoes,But maybe we should save the dirty talk for later 😂 

T: Lol , I mean yeah I like to gradually go into the dirty stuff or just sporadically drop a dirty question in there , which would you prefer?

A: I feel like it depends on the situation. Some guys you’re just ready to rip clothes off then and there and others you know would be fun to seduce.

T: Ok tell me about an experience where you had to just rip a mans clothes off.

A: Alright so I was out with a few friends just hanging out at this festival; kinda a small thing so the bands were all lesser known. Anyway so we’re chillin and I’m just eyeballing the drummer. And idk why people never want the drummer… I mean rhythm is everything. Anyways so I told her I was gonna fuck him tonight and after the show I invited him to my place. We did indeed have a crazy night after that 👅

T: Ok , not on the opposite spectrum there’s seduction? Can you share a seduction story with us?

A: My current partner lol. First time we ever slept together we were in a roommate situation. He walks out constantly shirtless and has these gorgeous blue eyes. I ask him if he wants to watch a movie(because Netflix and chill is a thing lol) and the entire time I’m just touching him in every way I can while checking to make sure he’s cool with it. Clearly he doesn’t stop me so I start making my way down to his pants and whisper in his ear “you know you’re in my bed. But I don’t really care about this movie.” And literally within seconds his dick is in my mouth. We fucked the entire night… and he missed work the next day to go again😂

T: Intense, I feel like the 2nd situation made the sex better, I’m in a relationship and also in this industry how does it work for you ?

A: Yeah, I prefer it that way tbh. I feel like the industry has actually helped my relationship in multiple ways We are more open sexually and get to experience things most don’t get till their 40s. We both are less stressed about time and money and are able to coordinate schedules around each other . There’s also a huge amount of honesty; meaning that as long as we both tell the truth and communicate we tend to be happy He’s gotten questions from his parents but the answer is always the same “she’s safe and I’m the one she comes home to at the end of the day, and that’s all that matters to me”.

T: Can you share with us? In what ways?

A: Higher trust, more time together, more funds and freedom, better sex life, safe fantasy zone, and just overall a greater respect for each other.

T: That’s dope! I’m proud to hear that, but let’s get to the dirty. How did you get started in the industry?

A: Well I started camming about. a year and a half ago. There were a couple issues and I actually ended up homeless. But I refused to give up. I was camming out of a Starbucks bathroom for months and hopping tinder dates to keep myself off the streets while I could save. I met my partner in what was my first roomie situation after. After we ended up together I started talking to him about porn. I had always kind of wanted to do it and I wanted a new adventure. Clearly he was on board. Within a month I ended up doing my first scene with reality kings(handcuffed, just released on mofos) From the second I got on set… I was hooked. I’ve been performing ever since.

T: I actually didn’t expect to hear this story it’s very interesting , so you cammed at Starbucks? Please share more.

A: Well sometimes it would be in the lounge if they weren’t busy but most of the time they were full on shows in the bathroom 😊. Back then I didn’t make a lot since I just used the laptop camera and had like one set of underwear to my name. Hence why I just dated random guys. I ended up finding a few that liked to see me multiple times and often didn’t even ask to sleep with me, guess they just found me interesting. I only allowed myself to eat once a day if I had to pay for it and the rest went towards my phone bill and towards my future. My feet were often blistered from not having tread on my shoes and I was often dirty; but I never let anything stand in the way of what I want.

Back then my screen name was Fyre. As soon as I got my apartment; everything changed. I had my hair professionally cut and bought actual equipment. I started actually using twitter and other platforms. And the biggest change was my name; I wanted one I chose myself that represented the strength I knew I had inside me. And so; Athena Rayne lol.

T: So let’s go deep into your future. Where you see yourself and where you’re going?

A: I don’t really have an ultimate end goal. I have found a home in the industry and don’t really plan on leaving. Ultimately I would love to own my own studio. I would also love to start a charity for ALL women, especially women in need without the bias or danger that comes from being a sex worker or LGBT career wise; my goal is to become a favorite performer not only in my scenes but In the way I interact with my fans and other girls. Hopefully by seeing a girl treat others as friends rather than competition can have a positive effect on us all.

T: Great interview : this is inspiring tbh.

A: Thank you lol. I’ve always believed that if you want something bad enough you will work to get where you wanna be. I don’t like seeing cockiness or arrogance because I know that anyone could be one bad day away from losing it all. Hard work and no excuses plus a little kindness makes the world a better place ☺️

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