Lizzie Love is Dominating Your Health and You Enjoy it

T: Your fresh off cam, How did your show go?

L: My show was fun! I just started on a new site called spankchain and there aren’t many viewers yet, but I love being paid in cryptocurrency so it works out 🙂

T: ok, I never heard of spankchain, so it runs of bitcoin or ethereum ?

L: Ethereum!

T: Thats cool, where did you cam before?

L: I have hopped around a lot this past year! I started on Streamate, spent a few months on MFC, I’ve also been on Chaturbate and Camsoda. i really hope to make spankchain my new cam home!

T: Hmmm I have to look into that, but I want to take it to camming since we are there. I always talk to cam girls and just hear the worst of there experiences when camming like what are yours? Do you feel like they same as other models or do you just have some pet peeves?

L: Hmm I don’t really think about the negatives very often but I would say that the inconsistency of tips can be a nuisance sometimes. some days i will get on and be tipped a lot to be able to log off within one hour, other times I will be waiting around for a few hours and nobody will be tipping anything. It really is hit or miss sometimes

T: i feel you, I go thru the same thing while camming, what other ways do you you bring in revenue?

L: I have so many different ways of bringing in revenue haha! I do phone sex, sexting, I have a premium nude snapchat, I sell clips, and I make custom videos too. I recently started a dominatrix account as well where I am dominating people into good health haha! lots of different things.

T: OMG!!! dominating people into good health please explain further!!!

L: Haha!! so I was actually a holistic health coach before I started getting naked online. I made a health domme account to be able to have private sessions with people to dominate them out of their shitty eating and lifestyle habits because sooo many people are stubborn about it.

T: It’s like your saving there life , in a way lol

L: Haha yes! I really do believe that the way to save this planet is by saving the health of the people living on it first, so it works out 🙂

T: Wow, I almost shed a fucking tear…so, now do you only do sex work? or still dabble in holistics ?

L: hehe 🙂 I mainly focus on sex work right now but I also do have a youtube channel where I talk about holistic health called holistic existence. I have so much info about health that I can’t not share it haha!

T: I dig it, lets talk “Your Boo” if you down …

L: Yes I am down!

T: Can you tell us about him?

L: Yes! We met two years ago on a dating app and it was honestly love at first sight haha! he is the man in all of my b/g clips and I am super grateful with how supportive he is of my career! We are planning on getting married soon but we don’t have a date set just yet.

T: yeah I think I saw you do a promotion with him, and did you find him on tinder?

L: Yes we met on tinder, good guess haha!

T: Well you know on what they say about tinder, so i have to ask you ? what was the first encounter like and did you give him any goods?

L: Haha! i actually invited him over to my apartment to smoke for our first encounter! we didn’t bang or even kiss but i totally wanted to haha! he did too but he just told me that he wanted to be a gentleman haha, he did leave his weed at my place though so that he would have to come over again to get it 🙂

T: I’m glad that this happened this tinder story maybe can teach men that vegan baddies love gentlemen, and if you want to eventually have sex with her leave stuff over her apartment lol

L: Haha!!! Yeah it was cool that he trusted me with his weed stash just leaving it there!

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The Insta – Interview with Teddy Mountinho

twerkgod: Has anyone ever recognized you from Instagram?

Teddy: YESSS! People have recognized me at Disney actually.

twerkgod: In what ways has Instagram fame had a signifcant impact on your life?

Teddy: Instagram has made me happier in general! I love making content and seeing people’s reaction

twerkgod: How many different countries have you been in ?

Teddy: So far , 9 and those include, US, Mexico, Canada, France, England, Italy, South Africa, Mauritius and of course Brazile

twerkgod: That’s a lot of time on a plane! Tell me , what’s the worst experience on a plane?

Teddy:  I have had the worst experience with plane arguments, like this big guy didn’t want me to lower my seat for the flight cause his knees was getting hurt and it was all bad.

twerkgod: Well since we know there is one big guy out there that has a distaste for you, why do you think people on instagram have a such a taste for Teddy Mountinho?

Teddy: It’s either you like the content I post, or you like me as a person.

twerkgod: Ok, would rather go a year without showering or a year with no internet? GO! and please tel us why.

Teddy: I would go a year without showering, I REALLY love the internet, like I can’t function without it.

twerkgod: What’s your favorite food?

Teddy: It’s a pick between either tacos or burgers.

twergod: What’s your secret to being and online sensations?

Teddy: (Laughs) The secret weapon to my instagram success is a good manager. I would be no one without him

twerkgod: How many followers is enough followers?

Teddy: There are never enough followers. I like to connect with my followers and the more the merrier, They are awesome.

twerkgod: Does your family treat you different based on instagram fame?

Teddy: My family treats me the same. They support me in it and they’re proud of the growth

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Meet Photographer, Quintana Cortez

Photography by Quintana Cortez

T: So far I can only go off things I read on Twitter so really I’ll just be asking questions based of what’s perceived , but first question , I have to know about the tattoo on your head? Is there a story and why did you get it?

Q: I got this tattoo basically as reminder of both my short temper and also my strength, I felt like a dragon captured both the best, also I’ve never seen a dragon tattoo on a persons head.

T: Are there any other tattoos we don’t know about?

Q: Ha, I have a “jailhouse” tattoo on my lower back when was 16 I let an ex tattoo me and he threw his name on there, definitely getting that covered up soon.

T: As far as your personal style, how can you sum it all up?

Q: My personal style, it’s really all over the place, I’m like a mix of what a broke college student and a goth chick and a skater look like.

T: Who inspires you to create?

Q: It really varies sometimes the people who have broke my heart , a lot of the times my idols.

T: We’ve seen several photography portraits by you on twitter, What makes you interested in taking pics of people?

Q: I like how photography especially with portraits
how it can bring out all these different sides of a person wether it’s vulnerable, interesting or just down right fucked up.

T: Do you have any other projects in the works?

Q: I have two that I hope to get going by first week of November, can’t say too much about them just yet.

T: What are your end goals as far as your work?

Q: I think I’m still deciding on my end goals, I definitely want to eventually be sponsored by Polaroid, Kodak or Fuji Film in the future.

Exclusive with Hana Katana

Q: Hey how are you doing today?

A: I’m doing great, it’s always a great day when you make it a great day. Manifest that shit.

Q: Very true, so I take it you’re a pretty positive person?

A: Oh definitely. The law of attraction is what I live by, what you put out into the universe is what you get back. And not just actions, I’m talking about thoughts. The universe is always listening because the universe is God and God lives inside you, you can’t escape it. If you have a bad day it’s because at the end of the day you sat down and thought about all the bad things that happened during the day and decided that those things made your day bad, but you could have the same day and choose not to focus on the negative and only think about the good things that happened that day and be able to tell yourself that you had a good day. It’s all about perspective. I’m not saying you’re not allowed to have negative thoughts, you just have to train your brain to ignore them the second they come into your head. And once you do this the universe can become your puppet and you can mold your reality almost like a lucid dream. If you’ve ever seen the secret you’ll know exactly what I mean haha.

Q: Wow that was very insightful, is that kind of thinking what lead to you wanting to pursue music?

A: Actually yeah. There are a lot of talented people who will never go anywhere simply because they don’t have the right mindset. If you go into this shit thinking you’re never gonna make it then you’re right, cause you don’t believe in yourself enough. I guarantee you that every single artist at the top of the charts right now had to believe in themselves like crazy to push themselves to where they are now because you will have so many people against you and just have to ignore them and know what’s right in your heart and know that this shit is what you were put on this earth to do.

Q: You sound very passionate about music, tell me more about it?

A: Yeah I really am it’s my life. I write, play the guitar, and sing with my own little twist, and rap. It really depends on what mood I’m in, or what emotion the beat tells me to add into the song. Sometimes I like to be on chill jazzy beats sometimes I like trippy poppy ones and other times I like dark and crazy beats. I want to create a new genre though honestly

Q: Oh wow A new genre of music? Can you elaborate on what you mean by that? A:

The genre is called Trip-Pop. This type of music would fall into the category of trippy poppy beats, hence the name. Stuff that’s upbeat and you can dance to, but also unwind down and smoke to. I like being different and my unique sound… I want to give people something they didn’t even know they needed but after they’ve heard it, it’s something they won’t ever be able to live without. I want to make music that can also withstand time though, timeless. Trying to do that with a new sound can be risky but I believe I have the talent, creativity, and balls to do it.

Q: What do you like to do other than music?

A: I fuck heavy will all types of art. I’m really into oil painting and makeup artistry.. oh and Netflix. Netflix is probably the best art form there is hahah

Q: So I think it’s safe to say at this point you’ve gotten a lot of your following based off your looks, any tips you can give out to women looking to get their body like yours?

A: Not gonna lie I really don’t work out as much as I should but when I do I just go on the treadmill with the incline all the way up and fast walk/jog for like 30mins-an hour. I only actually sprint for like 2 minutes during that time. When I’m in the gym I also do a lot of squats with weights. Wearing a waist trainer also helps a lot. The most important thing is your lifestyle and diet though, I’ve been switching off between pescatarianism and vegetarianism since I was 10. So cutting out as much meat as possible is the first thing you should do and also cutting out as much dairy as you can. Don’t drink soda, stay away from sugar and carbs when you can but definitely eat healthy fats, those are what help your booty grow. Hella fruit and veggies too. And always make sure you eat within the first 30 minutes of getting back home from the gym. Stay drinking water 24/7 and don’t eat at night, breakfast is very important. I could go on but that’s my main advice.

Q: Well hopefully all the women who’ve been struggling with getting their body the way they want can get their booty right from your advice! I wanna steer this back to your music a little bit. What do you usually write about?

A: Oh everything, I write my music like it’s a screenplay almost. There’s always a story I’m trying to tell. Sometimes il think of an idea for an overall theme and then use it to write a song that’s a metaphor for that theme just to make the writing process easier. I have a lot of metaphors is all of my song because I like making people have to think, it’s really all just poetry. Just structured differently, like a haiku’s distant cousin haha. I write about all kinds of things, life lessons, men, life, people, but a lot of the time I’m not even writing about myself or my own experiences. I’ll make up a story to get a point across.

Q: So Hana Katana what are your goals for 2018?

A: I plan on taking over the world bro, I just can’t wait for my future to unravel I’m so excited. This is just the tip of the iceberg, nobody’s seen anything yet.

Q: Well I wish you the best of luck with your music and I’m looking forward to your next project!

A: Thank you that means a lot, it was great talking with you.