The Sommer Isabella Interview

Photography by Dwight Smart : (Click Here for Twitter and Instagram)

All material posted cam straight from @evanthetwerkgod ‘s DM

TWERKGOD: Can we start by talking about some of the wild things you say online? I actually somewhat “respect it”

SOMMER: Give me an example 🙂

T: LMFAO, ” I think it was one asking for someone to pee inside your butthole i think for a video” too graphic.

S: Lol no! Never too graphic. I’m an open book and I try to keep my Twitter as authentic and fun as possible. Believe it or not, there’s a ton of people with pee fetishes LOL. Now that I’m starting my porn career I’m trying to be more open sexually. At the end of the day I still look at porn as a job, and I know there is a lot of money when it comes to being Peed on LOL

T: See and thats what I thought when I read it, I have really just started this career choice diving off playing the music game, when did you know you were putting all your chips in and pursuing a career in porn?

S: I web cammed for a bit last year from money on the side. In my personal life I would post super promiscuous pictures anyway on my Instagram, and my family would always talk shit about it. But I’ve always been very sexy and loved showing off my curves and everything, so I figured, why not do it for money? Actually, I danced for a little bit last year in the beginning of the year. So this industry isn’t too new for me. I didn’t expect to blowup the way did, but I’m super grateful for the people I’ve met so far in this industry that have helped me get where I’m at now.

T: Yeah, i have seen a lot of your content retweeted and a hype being built, a couple of BJ Vids have gone viral as well, do you set out to create content or is it in the moment with whoever you are with?

S: Would have to say, my most recent car BJ video. It was super intimate. My boyfriend and I went into the mountains and it started raining while I was sucking him. Super romantic. lol

T: As far as the business side of your work what are your greatest accomplishments?

S: Who is your gf btw? if u don’t mind me asking lol

T: @AngelOceana

S: OHHH I love her! ahhh. I’ve seen your dick lolololpo

T: Yeah that’s how I even knew who you are lol and That doesn’t bother me.

S: Aw I love her. So far I would say my greatest accomplishment business wise would be building my fan base.

T: Its a constantly growing fan base, are strictly eating off born?

S: Huh?

T: Are you strictly living of porn money?

S: No

T: What are new goals you have set for yourself ?

S: No new goals.

T: Whelp you got it all figures out. Anything you have been wanting share or bring light to ?

S: Not really. I’d definitely love to use my platform to show my fans who I am outside of porn.

T: See dude, I sense that and want to use my platform to exploit sex workers in the light of being like everyone else.

S: Exactly

T: See we can make this interview boring as fuck and ppl just scroll pass or this can get juicy. Like tbh you are one of the finest brown skin up and coming sex workers.

S: Lets get it Juicy lol. Theres not many black sex workers that are recognized!

T: Exactly. Like why are all sex workers agreeing to do interviews. Why have we shamed the black naked body? When did you first start being comfortable being naked? Fuck it, length or girth.

S: I don’t know. At a young age I believe. Probably around 15/16. I was skinny had a cute little figure nice butt. I was always super confident. I did have body issues because I did gain a couple pounds last year and they didn’t go to the right places LOL. But that’s when I was taking a break anyways from the adult industry. Now I feel like I’m in my best shape and I’m ready for the world to see that! & I don’t know to be honest I’m not too picky about penis sizes. I’m super small inside so a huge penis is an ideal for me LOL anything that’s like 7 inches or so is fine. I would like girth instead though. Long skinny penises are not for me.

T: Any g/g encounters you have to share?  What do you find attractive in men?

S: Ugh none yet! I’m such a newbie in bed! Lol I have a lot to learn! I want someone who is kind, intelligent, witty, non-reserved, and respectful.

T: Bet , last question: What is your biggest fantasy?

S:Lol true happiness!

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