Staying Safe in the Big World

To a sex worker our safety and income are two of the biggest concerns in our careers because of our work we are always being targeted by people who don’t see eye to eye with you about your lifestyle and career. As a sex worker you are 100% entitled to your own safety whether anyone thinks so or not, you are entitled to your rights as a human being even when someone tries so hard to dehumanize you. Sex workers are harassed on a daily basis online or offline, people feel as if they are entitled to sex workers simply because of their job, or feel as if they need to degrade and even try to hurt us which are all extremely disturbing and wrong. Online sex work, such as web-camming for an example, can be much safer than offline sex work, such as stripping at a club in the city you live in or even a few cities over, however they both come with different forms of harassment and most of the things told to us are just as mentally damaging as the other. While behind your keyboard you can lie about what area you’re from, who you know, where you work if you work a 9-5, and much more if you really don’t want anyone knowing anything about you, which is the smartest thing to do with your customers. When you work offline at a club, you are very exposed to much more people and they get to see you face to face. It’s not always the case that they want to harm you or harass you with every customer you meet, but we should all be very aware of the types of people who try to harm us because of our jobs. Customers are supposed to be supportive and nice to you no matter what you do or who you are, if customers are ever hurtful or evil towards you, you are not obligated to keep talking to that person just because they are trying to pay you.

We face a big world full of wild things that exist like human trafficking, sexual assault, abuse, and even murder because of these hate-fueled people who have developed an unnecessary and unhealthy obsession with having harmful thoughts about all sex workers no matter who we are or how well we are loved by others. These types of people can even be people you’d never expect, not just the people who seem to be scary on the outside. Even women can harm you, which you’d probably think you’d expect the least. Being cautious and protecting yourself is SO important as a sex worker, male or female, you need to be carrying something you can use to protect yourself from the people in the world you’d never think to meet. You should always be watching your drinks and noting a few features about people you seem sketched out by so if they are disturbing the peace in your club you can explain to management or anyone else what someone looked like. It may seem tempting to go home with customers for large sums of money, but it’s always much safer for you to stay at work and hustle and go straight home afterwards to insure you’ll be 100% okay. Also when going back to your home, if you notice anyone following you home from work don’t approach their car or go to your house if you can clearly tell they’re following you, visit a well lit 24/7 gas station and call for help without exiting your vehicle. Stay calm, cool, and collected in any situation you are in, you can be more in control than you think in these situations.

Here are a few things we find affordable, valuable or helpful for you to carry everyday to help defend yourself against someone trying to attack you, no matter if you are a sex worker or not you may want to read up o some of these just in case you want to feel a little extra safe everyday:

Pepper Spray: Pepper spray is very common with women in general. It’s a temporary, but irritating spray you can use on someone before they can be within arms reach of you which will give you time to escape and contact either the police, or someone you know is near you or will get to you quick plus fits right on your keychain. Your attacker will be blinded for anywhere from 15-30 minutes and their skin will continue to burn for even longer after that. It is LEGAL to carry pepper spray in ALL states in the U.S. but some states will have rules about the strength of pepper spray you can use on someone. This pepper spray in particular is under $10 on Amazon and comes with training instructions too:

Stun Gun: Depending on where you live you may be able to carry a stun gun with you, a stun gun is a little more intense than pepper spray so because of that, one may be better than the other for different people. How a stun gun works is once pressed to your attacker, when you press the button, it will send an electric shock through their body and it can immobilize your attacker. This isn’t a good weapon to use against someone in a regular fight so we suggest you ONLY use this tool for a serious situation where you really need someone to be on the ground unable to hurt you. You DO NOT need a permit to carry a stun gun, but in these tates that you MAY NOT carry and use a stun gun: Hawaii, New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. If you live in any of these states, we recommend you carry pepper spray to be safe in the eyes of law enforcement. A stun gun can be a little loud, and it may be a little unnerving to use at first, if you can’t get used to the sound of it we also recommend you use pepper spray! Here is a stun gun on Amazon for $11:

Tactical Pen: While this small, yet handy tool is one of the hardest weapons to recognize it is extremely handy because of it’s small size that allows you to hide it comfortably inside even your smallest purses, clutches, or wallets. This weapon as well as the others is non-lethal, but is legal everywhere you go. Tactical pens may be tricky to use to it would be wise to watch a few videos on youtube on how to use one properly in case of an emergency. These pens have two sides to them; most commonly they have onside being a ‘skull crusher’ which is a pointed end designed for jabbing an attacker to let go of you, while the other side is usually another pointed end that is designed for breaking car windows. Tactical pens in this case will also be handy for any time you need a window broken, such as being in a car accident. You can find this pen on Amazon for $13:

Of course we weren’t going to leave you empty handed either, let’s say you’re caught in a situation where you don’t have any of your weapons with you. Seems scary, but it doesn’t have to be! You’ll need to know some basic self-defense skills to help you in any situation so here are three youtube videos for you to watch to get you started:

5 Self-Defense Moves Every Woman Should Know:

Women’s Self Defense: Level 1:

Awareness and Self-Defense Training for Women and Teen Girls:

You can even join a local class on self defense in your area and learn hands on training with other women to help you get prepared for anything that may happen. Self defense classes can be fun for you and they will help you build defensive habits to keep you in control.

Some key notes to remember everyday:

Keep eyes on your drinks
Don’t feel comfortable with strangers
Always be aware of your surroundings
Remember to stay calm

Twerkgod wants you to have fun while you are working. Sex work can be fun and rewarding when you know exactly what’s going on, so get yourself ready to have fun all the time and feel good about knowing you are safe. We love and care for ALL sex workers and we would love to see you succeed and grow, we created Stripper Tech to encourage and promote safe sex work and female entrepreneurs! Have fun, and stack bread. We are supporting you!